One comment on “When Did We Stop Taking Risks?

  1. We stop taking risks after we realize that sometimes things don’t turn out well. And they don’t. So gradually we steer away from risk, eventually avoiding or minimizing all risk. And change always involves some risk – something bad could happen, so we resist change. And growth by definition involves change, so we avoid change. But people are like trees, which draw nourishment from the ground, vitality from the air and life from the sun. People are nourished by faith, vitalized by their environment and draw life from the Holy Spirit sent by the Son of God. When a tree stops growing it starts to DIE. First some branches wither and fall off, then the bark becomes loose and rot enters the trunk. Finally it falls with the next strong wind. But without risk, there can’t be growth, only a slow deterioration leading to death of the body, mind and/or spirit. Risk with only the chance for a small reward may be foolish, but risk with the chance for GREAT rewards is wisdom. People NEED risk because people need change to keep growing in order to be truly alive. So the choices are (1) be safe, avoid risk, and decay so slowly we can’t recognize it, or (2) decide what change would improve ourselves the MOST, find the BEST way to achieve it, and . . . . JUST DO IT! Live life to the fullest and you will have the fullest life possible. No one said change is easy, certainly not me because I struggle with any changes in my life, but I have learned that the benefits of positive-directed change have made my life incredibly rich. And if a few changes turn out badly, keep on making changes because the odds are greatly in your favor. One change may not work out, but if you try to make 100 changes you will certainly find that 80-90 of them will turn out well, and some will turn out REALLY well. And the negatives will be totally outweighed by the positives. A winner is not someone who never loses, a winner is someone who never quits! If major league teams disbanded after a losing season, soon there wouldn’t be anyone left to play for the championship. There is great wisdom in the saying “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”. So try it, take that risk and if you have God on your team I guarantee a winning season and eventually a championship!

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